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Awards & Recognition


CAD Outstanding Accomplishments


Senior James Atkins was selected as South Atlanta CAD’s first Gates Millennium Scholar


Class of 2012 received nearly 2.9 million in scholarship offers


Increased student achievement in the following areas:

·         100% of Juniors seeking a diploma passed the Georgia High School Graduation Writing Test

·         Biology: Increased from 30% to 66%

·         U.S. History: Increased from 49% to 81%

·         Math I: Increased from 21% to 58%

·         Math II: Increased from 12% to 24%


CAD was one of a few high schools in the State to receive Industry Certification for our  Engineering Program


Increased the enrollment in Advanced Placement classes & offerings:

·         AP World History

·         AP United States History

·         AP Calculus

·         AP Art

·         AP Literature


Beta Club enrollment doubled


Academic Initiatives

·         Academic Support Program

·         Academic enrichment and  Recovery


Parent Involvement Initiatives

·         Bi-Monthly Coffee Talks with the Principal

·         Monthly parent engagement and empowerment activities


Pathway Accomplishments

·         Terrence Mathews’s work was selected for the Dogwood Festival High School Show.

·         Bianca Harris's work was selected for the exclusive Shapiro Show and was selected to receive a cash prize

·         Gabriella Knight earned an internship with the Museum of Design Atlanta.

·         Clunis Davis earned an internship with the Public Defender’s Office (creating an animated video for the office).

·         Bianca Harris and Joshua Edwards’s work was selected for the John Lewis Congressional Show.

·         Gabriella Knight and Clunis Davis participated in the AIA High School Design Competition.

·         Larry Hall and Divante Brunson's movie earned 1st place at the City Technology Fair.

·         Tre' Cotton's movie placed 2nd at the City Technology Fair.

·         6 students passed the entrance exam for Atlanta Technical College therefore qualifying for summer internships with CDSI Atlanta in the fields of construction, design, graphics, and engineering.